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iOS To iOS Password Transfer please follow steps given below.

What is iOS to iOS Password transfer?

iOS to iOS transfer is a quick and easy way to transfer your passwords from one iOS device to other securely.
Important Prerequisites :
  • 1. To Use ‘Transfer iOS to iOS’ feature, Please make sure both iOS devices have the PassDiary version 1.7 or higher installed successfully.
  • 2.Make sure both devices are connected to same Wifi network.
  • 3. During transfer process, please make sure that you do not leave the application window from any of the devices, failing to do so will interrupt the complete process and devices get disconnected.
  • 4. At any time while using this feature to transfer the file, if your devices gets disconnected due to any reasons, Please re-connect the devices and try again from step no 1 as given below.

How To Use iOS to iOS Password Transfer?

Follow below Steps for iOS to iOS transfer of your passwords securely.

Step One

Tap on the settings option given at the bottom left corner(Highlighted in Red box).
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Step Two

Select “Backup Utility” option and then tap on the button “Transfer passwords - iOS to iOS”
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Step Three

Read the instructions carefully and mark option “Do not show this message again” if you don’t wish to see this instruction again. Then tap on ‘Ok’.
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Step Four

Keep the toggle ‘ON’, to be able to find your device by Passdiary application installed on other device and tap on “Search Connection”.
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Step Five

Read the instructions carefully before proceeding and then tap on ‘OK’.
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Step Six

A list of all visible Passdiay devices will be shown as below. Select the one trusted device to which you want to share the passwords.
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Step Seven

A pop up Alert will be shown in the selected device’s Passdiary application, to which you want to transfer passwords. Tap on ‘Accept’ request , to connect with the device. Tap on ‘Decline, if you do not trust the device.
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Step Eight

Two devices are now connected to each other successfully as shown in the screen of first device from where passwords are being exported.
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Step Nine

Tap on “Export Passwords”.
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Step Ten

Select a trusted device to share the passwords from the list. (In our case we will select ‘iPhone 6s Plus’)
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Step Eleven

An alert prompt will open, enter a password to secure file with password protection.

Note : This is not necessary to be your Passdiary password. This password is used, while importing file on your connected second device.

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Step Twelve

Now on your second connected device, An alert prompt will appear, tap on Yes to continue receiving the file.
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Step Thirteen

Another Alert Prompt will appear, Enter the password which you used on your first device while exporting the file as in step no . 11 and Tap on OK.
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Step Fourteen

Yay!!! You have imported files to your new device successfully
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